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The Llanberis Dragon, in all its glory, flying up Llanberis High Street in the Llanberis Christmas Parade 2012. Read its story and then visit it on display at Electric Mountain, Llanberis.
This dragon was born during the Llanberis Willow Lantern Workshops for the Llanberis Christmas Lantern Parade and Fayre 2012. Llanberis' young people sparked the idea of making a giant dragon that could lead the parade during the Fayre.
It took four day workshops with local children at Pete's Eats to start the dragon, but it soon out-grew the room and had to be lowered out of the window to find another home. Firstly it went to a near by garage, but was still too large, and then a kind family in the village offered their conservatory, and the dragon rested safely there above the flood level. He was finished over 3 short sessions after school. Over a dozen helpers came to make the dragon.
The workshops were run on a voluntary basis by Thomasine Tompkins and assisted by Linda Fabbri and attended by grandparents, parents and children from Llanberis. Many people turned up despite dealing with the mess from the flooding, it was a positive distraction!
The dragon led the parade through the village carried by Jay, Ancel, Ollie and Aarron, followed by Bangor Samba Band and the Llanberis community lighting up their streets with their lanterns. The dragon was even filmed by BBC Wales News live and featured in the Daily Post. He was now famous!!!
The Llanberis Christmas Lantern Parade and Fayre, in its 3rd year, is organised by the Llanberis Development Team, with many contributions of time, effort, equipment and funding from the whole community.
The dragon now rests on display at Electric Mountain and what better place is there for a dragon to rest than in a mountain....... until the Christmas Fayre 2013 where we hope he will be joined by more lantern friends.
Thank you to the Caernarfon Round Table for donating to the lantern workshops and to the Llanberis Development Team.
With special thanks to the Llanberis community for making it all happen!
Bundles of willow were harvested from the hillside above Llanberis. Lengths of willow were joined together to make the 'superstructure' other lengths were used to make the wings.
The colour paper was added and the beautiful creature began to take his final shape.
Dragon going out of the window at
Pete's Eates no one realised quite
how big he was going to be............
And now he is in his new home in Electric Mountain please come and see him so he isn't lonely!!
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