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Llanberis Development Group
(This page is in development and will be bilingual shortly.)
Grwp Datblygu Llanberis Development Group is made up of local residents and businesses and has been in existence since 2009. It holds regular monthly meetings in the village and holds an Annual General Meeting every year which is open to all with an interest in improving the village.
We gratefully acknowledge the support of Gwynedd Council to the Llanberis Development Group.
Mission Statement
Llanberis Development Group was established with the vision of making Llanberis a better place in which to live and visit.
Its key objectives are:-
  • Create a strong sense of identity and community spirit within the village.
      recognising the importance of the villages history, heritage and culture and its people.
  • Enhance the visual amenity of the High street.
      increase facilities, better street furniture, flowers etc.
  • Increase the economic success of the village.
        encourage businesses to work together and support each other
  • Improve the infrastructure in the village.
     increase links between businesses and residents to increase economic well being and make Llanberis a more
     functional and fun place to live.
Successes so far include:-
  • Increasing parking time on the High street to a reasonable length of time
  • Introduction of the Llanberis Christmas Fayre
  • Establishing a website to promote Llanberis
  • Produce walking leaflets for Llanberis
Committee Members
Chairman     Emlyn Bayliss
Vice Chair   David Crombie
Secretary    Jennifer Crombie
Treasurer    Jacquie Waterton
About This Website
This website is currently in development and we are in the process of gathering information about businesses and activities in and around Llanberis to promote to the wider world. If you have any information or news that you think we should put on the website, please let us know. If there are any errors or mistakes, please accept our apologies and let us know, we will then correct any errors as soon as we can,  want to get it right!
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